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Kim Noonan is an award-winning filmmaker based in Los Angeles. He has developed and directed five commercial spots for HotelPlanner that have aired nationally on ESPN, AMC, & NFL Network. His Debut short film, Running Dragon (2008), was a docudrama that examined the impact that his American upbringing had on Vietnamese heritage. The short film won the Best Social Commentary Award at the 2008 Poppy Jasper Film Festival, and was featured in Filmmaker Magazine. Following that, he wrote/directed Pepper (2011). The short film was acquired by ShortsHD and iTunes for distribution, and also won the Best Comedy Award at the 2011 Burbank International Film Festival. Since then, he has written/directed several short films, including the short film, Radio 88 (2017) which he co-wrote/directed. The film was the first narrative film shot on Panasonic's EVA1, and financed by Panasonic. Kim is the co-creator of Ride Sesh, an online series that features an anthology of short films inspired by true ride-sharing experiences. He’s currently pitching the series to various streaming platforms.

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